The Firm

Who we are

ERRELegal law firm was founded in 2014 by Emiliano Russo, Esq., who, after working 15 years as head of the legal department of Beni Stabili Group and with the assistance of his most qualified colleagues, endeavored to create Italy’s first law firm specialized exclusively in real estate law firm.

The firm’s lawyers specialize in real estate law and boast a multi-disciplinary background in all phases of real estate acquisitions and real estate market segments, including offices, residences, shopping malls, hotels, distressed assets, residential care homes, and social housing. The firm caters mainly to investors, both Italian and foreign, interested in the purchase and sale of properties in Italy.

ERRELegal Studio has also created its own international network of firms specialized in real estate law, with select correspondents in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Dubai, Bali and New York.

The firm also provides notarial services on site.

Services offered:

  • Acquisition of real estate properties: assistance in the negotiation, drafting and closing of sales and purchases of real estate properties;
  • Sales plans: legal management of the entire “Sales plans” of relevant portfolios (i.e. from proposal to deed of sale), both directly and through a network of Italian notaries in all major Italian cities;
  • Construction: assistance in the negotiation and drafting of construction contracts (General Contractor, Project & Construction Management, General Survey);
  • M&A: mergers and acquisitions of real estate companies, asset management companies or real estate funds;
  • Due diligence: Legal Due Diligence for the acquisition of properties;
  • Real Estate Funds: all the legal and regulatory assistance in the incorporation and management of Real Estate Funds: By-laws (“Regolamento”) of the Fund, Distribution Agreement, and Custodian Bank Agreement
  • Litigation: management in outsourcing of entire portfolios of disputes on behalf of client involved in court proceedings;
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